Comments on VLS petition demonstrate its malevolent abuse by the CA judiciary.

A petition to abolish the vexatious litigant statute application in family law,,  has gathered quite a few comments demonstrating the malicious abuse of the CA judiciary in family law proceedings.

Litigants have been declared vexatious by simply filing a response to an order to show cause and attorneys have been declared vexatious by simply providing legal advice rather than actively representing their clients in a case.

The comments have been included below:

Donna Farris Greenfield, ME 2013-09-04 Parental Rights are essential to protecting our precious children.

Denise Ellen Austin Australia 2013-09-05 Justice for all, not just a few.

Ana Cuebas Catano, Puerto Rico 2013-09-05 If there is one area of law that requires the parties to be heard that area is family law. We are talking about the destiny of our nation, our children.

Jorge Ambert san juan, Puerto Rico 2013-09-05 real justice should be served

Ingrid Blank Merrivale, South Africa 2013-09-06 California family courts in particular must be a breeding ground for “delusional” and “vexatious” parents, who all have one common denominator – their human, civil and constitutional rights have been grossly violated by incompetent and morally delinquent commissioners/judges, who courtordered their children into custody of batterers and molesters or their kidnapping and trafficking by CPS. The courts are banking on the fact that parents will keep fighting to get their children back, thus providing a bottomless source of income for judges and the associated “cottage industry”, i.e. unqualified and corrupt mediators/evaluators who can safely be compared to Pavlov’s dogs responding to the ringing bell of unethical wielders of power on the bench, attorneys and other corrupt individuals, feeding on the misery of parents and children. Pro Per litigants, especially those exposing the unbelievable carnage and anarchy in family courts, are effectively silenced by UNLAWFULLY declaring them “vexatious litigants”, whereas parents with a fat bank account and substantial assets are milked as “cash cows” until their children age out of the system.
A prime example of aberrant black-robed wielders of power running amok is Case IND 098669
and INC 10002737 in the RIVERSIDE SUPERIOR COURT, which already caused global outrage.
The judicial officers, notably JUDGE DALE WELLS, conspiring under the color of law with one of
the vilest, narcissistic abusers imaginable to eradicate a protective mother from her children’s
lives single handedly managed to put the Riverside Superior Court on the global map as a
kangaroo court and organized crime entity, as documented on this petition:
<a href=”; rel=”nofollow”></a&gt;
The respective presiding judges – first Judge Cahraman, then Judge Ellsworth and now Judge
Cope – miserably and intentionally failed to perform their duty as a presiding judge by refusing to investigate the multiple IMPEACHABLE acts of judicial malfeasance and blatant fraud upon the court committed by the judicial officers involved in the above case, instead they excused and covered up these heinous human, civil and constitutional rights abuses and torture with an
“exercise of judicial discretion” which does not even exist as under the Supreme Law of the Land “courts are the mere instruments of the law and can will nothing. When they are said to exercise a discretion, it is a mere LEGAL discretion, a discretion to be exercised in discerning the course prescribed by LAW, and when that is discerned it is the DUTY of the court to follow it. JUDICIAL POWER IS NEVER EXERCISED FOR THE PURPOSE OF GIVING EFFECT TO THE WILL OF THE JUDGE;always exercised for the purpose of giving effect to the will of the legislature; or, in other words, to the will of the law. Littleton v. Berbling, 468 F.2d 389, 412 (7th Cir. 1972), citing Osborn v. Bank of the United States, 9 Wheat (22 U.S.) 738, 866, 6 L.Ed 204 (1824); U.S. v.Simpson, 927 F.2d 1088, 1090 (9th Cir. 1991).
Millions of parents in each and every state are rising up, demanding JUSTICE and the removal of black-robed child torturers from the bench who don’t give a rat’s behind about the suffering of little children. The “in the best interest of the child” is a foreign concept to them and has clearly been replaced by “the best interest of the judge and associated cottage industry”.
Children are treated as non-sentient beings on par with animals, although the latter enjoy even
more protection under the law as the most vulnerable of society – our children and grandchildren.
A nation that allows morally delinquent judges to torture and destroy the lives of loving parents
and their children has lost its moral compass. Unethical presiding judges and appellate court judges who violate their oath of office by covering up the judicial malfeasance of their colleagues must likewise be removed from the bench and replaced by ethical judges who actually KNOW and ABIDE BY THE LAW. California Taxpayers are no longer prepared to pay the obscene salaries of corrupt judges for the “privilege” of being judicially battered and raped.

Nancy Witherell Redding, CA 2013-09-07 Whie abolishing statutes that support the ongoing destruction of the lives of children and families, please don’t leave out the worst one of all – confidentiality which primarily protects and hides the horrific lies and manipulations
perpetrated by the “agency” and the courts. Someday they will look upon this time and these practices as we look at Nazi, Germany. So much for the protection of the people and for the constitution and the bill of rights. All just empty words and promises. We might as well be living in a communist country – the corruption runs so deep it has become normal and acceptable.
Each time a social worker lies (which usually happens when their lips are moving), they know they doing something illegal but but somehow have come to believe that they are sacrificing for the protection of the children from their :”Bio Parents” (a title said with disdain and disgust).

Karen Ellis Encinitas, CA 2013-09-08 My kids were WRONGLY and ILLEGALLY kidnapped from me by the San Diego Vista County Court Judges and made to live with their RAPIST (sperm
donor father)

Dixianne Hawks Chico, CA 2013-09-08 I have seen this law at work and it is an evil law that is used by the attorneys and the courts to avoid justice.

Dixianne Hawks Chico, CA 2013-09-09 There is money being made by taking these children and obviously the attorneys and the courts are in on the take. Fraud pure and simple, at they
expense of our children and their security. There are many reasons to believe that these children are being used for nefarious purposes. Often the parents lose all contact, no one cares more for these children than the parents.

Thomas Lee Meridian, ID 2013-09-10 Because I believe that the vexatious litigant statute conceals government corruption and punishes the litigator for filing what they are entitled to file. It’s a racket.

George Schuch chicago, IL 2013-09-10 applicable to my young family, albeit in IL, not California.

Michelle Geil marina del rey, CA 2013-09-11 Children are being hurt, this must stop!

Malinda Sherwyn West Hills, CA 2013-09-12 The Courts suppress and hide evidence behind this law. Children and DV victims suffer.

Brianne Bajo Acton, CA 2013-09-16 Beacuse I am a Mom.

Kini Cosma Klamath Falls, OR 2013-09-20 The minute a parent, especially pro per litigants, starts fighting back and exposes the unbelievable corruption, that parent is quickly declared a
“vexatious litigant” for no legal reason other than to silence that parent, in fact the application of the vexatious litigant statute in family court cases it unconstitutional.

Mary Franklin La Quinta, CA 2013-09-23 It is very, very importantant that the family court protect the abused (child or parent) and protect the legal rights (including to speedy judicial action) of children, abused parents, and to make sure that the abused are protected from
the abusers. Occasionally, inept judges prolong and permit abuse. I was a professional in the juvenile justice system, including abused and neglected children, and I know first hand how the system operates.

Maria V Cruz Martinez Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico 2013-09-23 Justicia para todos por igual

Peter G Tocci Leominster, MA 2013-09-25 Though not a CA resident, I’m showing my support for this petition because we have a systemic criminal condition in the US family court. California is in position to set a precedent that will help parents and children abused by courts all across the country.

Rob MacDonald Sandy, UT 2013-09-26 California family law is a disaster. Courts are run willy-nilly, judges do as they please, and there is little if any accountability. See:

Norma Rothrock Hastings, NE 2013-09-27 Help parents restore their parental rights in court.
valerie nixon modesto, CA 2013-09-28 I wouldn’t have believed this to have been possible if I hadn’t lived through it myself. Marin County, CA is one of the worst offenders in giving custody to abusive parents. Justice and truth are not the goals of the family court. With enough money and a lying attorney, anything is possible. Shame on these Judicial representatives!

Anna Stoufflet Austin, TX 2013-10-01 Because the Austin, TX family courts and court personnel conspired to make me and my children completely without a voice, in the face of horrific and
violent abuse. The courts thought it reasonable to give my youngest child to my abusive ex, in spite of the fact that there was a current restraining order in place and that the only contact that had taken place since we had left my ex in 2006 was via forced and traumatic “reunification” meetings with a frankly abusive “therapist”, who actually laughed when my children said that their biological father hurt them! I was given full custody of the older children who are now nearly grown. As for the youngest, he promptly failed a grade in my ex’s custody and my older children and I were completely cut off from any contact with their trusting and innocent 8 year old brother. He will be turning 14 this October and I have not been allowed to see him at all since 2008 nor have his siblings been allowed to have any contact with the baby brother they
adored. How is this fair to children? What did my baby do wrong to be denied contact with his mother and older siblings? Nothing except be a child without human rights.

Patricia Barry Los Angeles, CA 2013-10-04 I am an attorney and my client and I have both named as vexatious litigants as judicial retaliation for outing San Mateo judges and San Mateo law enforcement for failure to arrest a violent felon who had guns. We picketed and passed out
fliers about the failure of the judges and law enforcement to protect the public and we got the guy arrested — 14 guns, 2 assault rifles, and 10,000 rounds of ammo. The judges continue to protect the violent felon and punish us. He has not even gone to trial. The judges do not care at all about protecting the public safety.

Amanda Molano Desert Hot Springs, CA 2013-10-04 They took my 4 year old son and gave him to his absent father in another state. I am awaiting my trial date to try and grt my baby back.

Michelle Massey Kalispell, MT 2013-10-05 Because Parents Have Rights.

Edgar Mejia Heber, UT 2013-10-15 I was declared a vl and i am outraged, her lawyer makes up lies and I wanted the truth to be exposed , all i got was the judge to shut my right to be heard.

Deborah Parks Auburndale, FL 2013-10-17 The vexatious litigant statute is the favorite tool used by a court in family law cases to cover up prior judicial malfeasance rulings. The point is to prevent a litigant especially in family law cases to seek redress of the heinous situation that did not occur in the best interest of the child standard. The trial court system in California abuses its application in family law proceedings, where they prevent that emergency request for orders are filed, they prevent that domestic violence restraining orders are filed or prevent that domestic violence restraining orders are dismissed, (there is a case in California where a parent had a 50 year restraining order granted against him). This parent has yet to obtain any relief. Other parents have been unable to restore their parental rights in any capacity.

Alicja Herriott Hermosa Beach, CA 2013-10-18 Vexatious litigant statue disciminates one party against other and it gaves a judge contral over the party. I was called a vexatious litigant becasue I was defending myself during the court hearings my ex -husband filed for. When Judge had found out that I appealed two of hers orders. which were removed by the court of appeal later time , she called me vexatious litigant. Now I have so much problem with filing any motion including a child support issues. The same Judge who was prejudice against me had total contral over me. She deproved me any rights to seek justice or protection under the law. I was lucky and after appeal case I requested a new judge and I was granted with real a
new Judge. The vexatious litigant staute does not prevents from anynecessary filings but
deprives other one party justice and give Judge a power to contral the case and give bias decisions. the vexatious litigant statue has no place in family law cases in California and it should be abolished as soon as possible.

Linda Rose Barragan Wrightwood, CA 2013-10-23 deemed vexatious when responding to an OSC to change custody and support