The Belief Fixation of Judge Dale Wells

Judge Dale Wells is fixated, rigid and inflexible. There are no other words to describe his belief rulings. He judicially retaliates against certain privileged litigants harming them and their children at length and refuses to address any rulings according to the law.

Indeed Judge Dale Wells manipulates the Court system to uphold his malicious rulings to perpetuate malicious judicial rape and battery and declares other Governmental agencies and state agencies as not credible, exceeding his role as a judge.

Judge Dale Wells escalates the situation between litigants and causes children further harm, due to the acrimony he causes and the chaos he fabricates in cases, while citing his belief at length.

Messiah Wells has expressed his malicious intent in his own sermons that he delivers at his church: “Romans 7:21-25 So I find this law at work: When I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in Gods law; but I see another law at work in the my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God—through Jesus Christ our Lord!

Perhaps the Riverside Superior Court would be kind enough to put litigants and the Court out of the misery of Judge Wells’ belief rulings, that harm parents and children, as he quite plainly is not equipped to deal with family law cases,  and uses the law as a maniuplative tool to play ping pong with litigants lives utilzing them as pawns in a  game of judicial retaliation and legal battery.



Sarah Tyrrell admits to stalking and that she was instrumenal in having Lori Handrahan fired.

Sarah Tyrrell, who claims to be a child advocate, although she is not registered with any recognized organization as such, continues with her obsession of getting involved in high profile cases.  Sarah goes out of her way to contact the alleged abuser and the child involved in high profile cases and stalks, harasses and obsessively sets out to destroy the lives of protective parents. It appears that she also discusses the other parent with the child, thereby sabotaging any relationship with the other parent.

In the latest Lori Handrahan stalking saga, Sarah Tyrrell publicly admits that she has been instrumental in suing Handrahan, attaching a lien against her property and having her fired from her position as professor at the American University.



After a two year batttle the charges for felony kidnapping against Eva Ruiz-Gomez were dismissed due to confusing court orders. A case for family law.

Judge Larry Hayes, a Montery County California judge,  on Friday the  25th of January 2013 dismissed the charges against Eva Ruiz-Gomez. The best place to have resolved the issue would have been family court, Hayes said. Because the case was brought to criminal court and there was no proof of malice, he dismissed the charges.

Eva Ruiz-Gomez was charged by the Monterey County District Attorney’s office with felony kidnapping based on California penal code 278.5. The charges alleged that she took her son to Mexico and deprived the boy’s biological father of visitation rights.

The criminal case analyzed the custody orders that prompted the felony charge and were labelled as confusing.

In 2002, the boy’s father Ruiz-Gomez obtained permission by the Court to take him to Mexico by the end of the year,. That trip was delayed. In the meantime, the boy’s biological father, Ramon Muñoz, requested visitations, which were granted by a second order.

Ruiz-Gomez and her family left for Mexico at the end of 2003. In court declarations, Muñoz said he attempted to find out where Ruiz-Gomez moved, to not avail. He obtained  a third court order in 2004 that gave him partial custody of the boy.

The order was never properly served, but was the basis for Ruiz-Gomez’s felony charges.  The documents were served to a relative, a person too young to accept legal service and not to Ruiz-Gomez.. Ruiz-Gomez has stated that her location in Mexico was never hidden.  The father went to the Monterey County District Attorney’s office to open a case of felony abduction against her.

Ruiz-Gomez says she didn’t appear at the hearing because she didn’t know it was even taking place. Judge Kay Kingsley, according to an official transcript, said, “Is Eva Gomez present? No?” and then changed the custody order. Within a few weeks, Muñoz went to the District Attorney and asked to open a child abduction case against her.

In 2009 Ruiz-Gomez was returned to Monterey County, and more than a year later was charged with a felony under CA penal code 278.5. She was arrested and a Monterey County investigator removed her son from her, school and handed him over to the boys biological father, where he stayed until another judge rescinded that order 10 days later.

On Friday, Hayes said the two valid court orders were confusing, to the point that even prosecution investigator Manuel Infante admitted Ruiz-Gomez possibly had permission from the court to go to Mexico. If the orders could confuse a law enforcement official, Hayes concluded, they surely could confuse the boy’s mother.

The boy who is fifteen has resisted all attempts to spend time with his biological father.


Monterey Herald

This according to Judge Dale Wells is the person most likely to share the children

A concept used in California family law is called the least likely to share standard upon which a Court at least in CA may decide custody issues and awards the  children to whom the Court thinks will be the most generous in sharing the children on a day-to-day basis with the other parent. Judge Dale Wells of the Riverside Superior Court in Indio found the parent with the  following fixated, rigid and inflexible actions the most likely to share the children with the other parent.



Constant verbal abuse in front of the children against the other parent,  which continues to this day.


Deliberately portraying the mother as mentally ill with no diagnosis from a psychologist or psychiatrist of a mental illness.


The Parent’s most willing to share efforts to facilitate day to day contact with the children:

“You will not get a schedule!!!! you will get visitation when and where I tell you like I have done since 8/5/11
Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit”

” … then you will not see them on the 24th and the 27th….. ass hole….”

“You are a worthless piece of shit….”

“Delusional parasite……”

“You are delusional”

“Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit…. it is harassment…..

Stop emailing my mom asswipe! or I will get a restraining order on you…. maggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save your delusional shit for court…….scum bag……

Have a wonderful evening while you lick your nuts……. dork”

“wow…… you really make me sick…. you are lower than pond scum…”

“get some help… you are sick in the head and delusional… see you in court parasite……”

“Do not demand visitation…. the answer will be the same….. FUCK OFF!!! how dare you!!!!

don’t email me again or I will get another restraining order on your stupid ass….. This is your last warning maggot!

See you in court parasite”

“You really make me sick….. try looking in the mirror….. cough, splutter, gasp!”

“save your delusions for court shit bag…..

Stop emailing us stupid parasite”

“Stop texting me parasite whore”

Connie Valentine Director of the Protective Parents Association Speaks out to Lawless America.

Connie Valentine’s Congressional Testimony to Lawless America

“Almost ¾ of mothers lost custody when they reported abuse…¼ of the women filed for bankruptcy after spending an average of $100,000 on every case.

The chilling part is that 2/3 of the children continue to report abuse while in the custody of their fathers, however, their mothers cease to report that abuse because they’re afraid of losing the scant contact that they have with their children.

Instead of being delivered from abuse, the moment a child reports abuse, they are delivered to the abuser.

90% of children who report sexual abuse are placed with their alleged offenders. Family Court has become an effective delivery system for pedophiles who grow their own victims. This could be called judicial trafficking.

The courts are not broken. They work like a well-oiled machine for batterers and molesters.

58,000 children a year are delivered to their batterers and to their molesters. This must stop. We are requesting Congressional oversight hearings.”

Copyright:  Lawless America


In the wake of the absolutely senseless and insane massacre of young children in the Newtown Connecticut school shooting that occurred yesterday and those parents who are dealing with the attempts of one parent and the grandparent to destroy the bond that children have with the other parent the question remains why?

Why is worthwhile to leave on a prolonged trip with a grandchild not notifying the other parent that the child was taken, in violation of a court order, and refusing to allow ANY  contact with the other parent during that time period?


Why is it worthwhile to continue the destruction of a parent child bond when children love the other parent and considered them to be their best friend?


Why is it worthwhile to maliciously, knowingly allow the fostering of abusive actions and the destruction of the parent child bond by the grandparent and the other parent to destroy a childhood  as demonstrated with the following texts and email:

“” … then you will not see them on the 24th and the 27th….. ass hole….”

“You are a worthless piece of shit….”

“Delusional parasite……”

“You are delusional”

“Stop emailing me you worthless piece of shit…. it is harassment…..

Stop emailing my mom asswipe! or I will get a restraining order on you…. maggot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Save your delusional shit for court…….scum bag……

Have a wonderful evening while you lick your nuts……. dork”

“wow…… you really make me sick…. you are lower than pond scum…”

“get some help… you are sick in the head and delusional… see you in court parasite……”

“pay your child support bimbo….. the attorney general is going to rock your world….:)

“Do not demand visitation…. the answer will be the same….. FUCK OFF!!! how dare you!!!!

don’t email me again or I will get another restraining order on your stupid ass….. This is your last warning maggot!

See you in court parasite”

“You really make me sick….. try looking in the mirror….. cough, splutter, gasp!”

“save your delusions for court shit bag…..

Stop emailing us stupid parasite”

“Stop texting me parasite whore”

Facebook “I REFUSE TO GIVE THAT BITCH  MY CHILDREN, I WILL FIGHT HER DELUSIONAL ASS UNTIL MY LAST BREATH” and “Never give in, never give up because my children are all that matters and the mental jack wagon that is not a US citizen can kiss my white ass”

The pawns and tools of such malicious and malevolent actions are of the same age as the children that were killed yesterday.  The question that anyone who feels for the senseless loss of other parents needs to ask that parent and grandparent capable of the above actions, WHY IS IT REALLY WORTH IT TO DESTROY A CHILDHOOD ?

Riverside Superior Court Develops a New Standard for the FIT Parent.

The Riverside Superior Court, in the form of Judge Dale Wells, has an issue with the activities that a mother has with her children, where he expressed considerable concern in a tentative statement of decision that the mother takes her children to church, a library and a museum.



The same concern was not shared with the considerable verbal abuse that the father displays against the mother in the telephone calls when she attempts to speak to her  children, which continues to this day.

Indeed the aggressive and hostile actions of one parent against the other, in an attempt to destroy a parent child bond, is the standard on which the Riverside Superior court has determined that this parent displaying these actions is the most fit to facilitate a “healthy ” parent child relationship with the other parent.  That parent’s history of addiction to street drugs and alcohol was of no concern to the court.



Judge Dale Wells Abuses Discovery, Riverside Superior Court.

scale_pix3;lawandbeliefJudge Dale Wells of the Riverside Superior Court has decided to once again not adhere to the law. This is hardly surprising to the litigants that know the mannerisms of this 20 year preacher very well.

Law does not count, only “Belief”. So it is Judge Dale Wells’ “Belief” that he can deny discovery and abuse the law. Ho hum, another day in Judge Wells’ fiefdom.

In this particular instance, the opposing party was served with interrogatories. The opposing party did not answer the interrogatories. So a motion to compel answers to interrogatories was filed with a request for Family code section 271 sanctions as the opposing party was evading discovery.

At the hearing for the motion to compel, the responding party was ordered to sign the interrogatories on the spot and hand them over to the propounding party.

Then Judge Dale Wells decided to abuse discovery out of sheer malice and retaliation. Judge Wells ordered Family code section 271 sanctions without notice against the propounding party for serving interrogatories as part of discovery. Judge Wells labeled the actions of propounding interrogatories in family law an abuse of discovery.

Now if there is indeed an issue with discovery a litigant can serve objections to the  interrogatories or a litigant can file a motion for protective  order. None of these actions were taken by the responding party. Instead Judge Wells decided to litigate as the responding party’s attorney. To no one’s surprise the responding party is a father, and Judge Dale Wells had the obsessive compulsive urge to once again protect a father in his court room.

Let’s analyze prevailing discovery law. As a general rule, all unprivileged information that is relevant to the subject matter of the action is discoverable, if it would  itself be admissible evidence at trial or if it appears reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.  [Ca Civ Pro § 2017.010] In marital proceedings, this general rule effectively means almost everything is discoverable (except to the extent compelled disclosure would unreasonably infringe on third party privacy rights).

For discovery purposes,  “relevancy” is tested by a much broader standard than  that applied at trial for the introduction of evidence. So long  as the information sought “appears reasonably calculated”   to reveal admissible evidence, it is within the allowable scope  of discovery. [Ca Civ Pro § 2017.010; Schnabel v. Super.Ct. (Schnabel), supra, 5 Cal.4th at 711, 21 Cal.Rptr.2d at 203].

So according to Judge Dale Wells these interrogatories served in family law are an abuse of discover, but not the non compliant answers.

Messiah Wells has an incredible fondness for illegally sanctioning litigants violating their fourteenth amendment right to due process and equal protection under the law. It is a matter of law that you cannot order family code section 271 sanctions against a party without notice. That strangely enough is even defined in legislature, in family code section 271 (b) which states:

“(b) An award of attorney’s fees and costs as a sanction pursuant to this section shall be imposed only after notice to the party against whom the sanction is proposed to be imposed and opportunity for that party to be heard.”

Apparently the law does not matter in Messiah Wells’ belief fiefdom where he thrives on abusing discovery to illegally sanction a litigant.

Judge Dale Wells judicially rapes and batters law enforcement as well.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

Most of the litigants that appear in front of Judge Wells are used to his “belief” rulings and that law and evidence does not matter in his Court room where belief prevails.

There are cases in the Riverside Superior Court that have been languishing for years, where malicious legal rape and battery has occurred, including against law enforcement, as no one is safe from Judge Wells’ malevolence.

In this particular scenario, there is a father, who happens to be a highly decorated former law  enforcement officer who lost custody of his daughter as Judge Wells, termed him an angry and hostile man.

Now I would submit that any parent would be angry and hostile if they found child pornography on a computer that belongs to their child, when said child came for a visit to her father. There was a trial. Judge Wells dismissed the forensic evidence relating to child pornography, which…

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Judge Dale Wells found the parent who said that he would never give that bitch the children the most willing to share.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

In a statement of decision dated 5/5/2011 drafted after a custody trial, held in the infamous dept 2J Indio family law department, Judge Dale Wells declared the parent who publicly stated that he would never under any circumstances give the children to the other parent as the most WILLING to share under the least likely to share standard.

Perhaps someone would be kind enough to explain to Judge Dale Wells what willing, least likely and never means, as there seems to be some confusion with the meaning of those words.  The other parent has certainly fulfilled his premise.

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The Walking Violation of the First Amendment Establishment Clause of the Riverside Superior Court: Judge Dale Wells.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

Messiah Wells belongs to a group that does not advocate divorce. It his BELIEF as the minister of this church, (Church of Christ), that he belongs to that DIVORCE is taboo.
However, Messiah Wells conflicts his soul every day by presiding over family law cases where, guess what folks, divorce is an every day occurrence.
This litigant has experienced that Judge Wells denies divorce on his WHIM as his firmly rooted BELIEF forbids him from presiding over a divorce.
So folks, there is  such a thing as a first amendment establishment clause which firmly separates Church and State.  The Supreme Court has already ruled that religious paraphernalia cannot be posted in a court house in its ten commandment ruling (MCCREARY COUNTY V. AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIESUNION OF KY. (03-1693) 545 U.S. 844 (2005), 354 F.3d 438), and has already ruled on allowing religious practices in a Court and has specified that…

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Petition for Forensic Audit and Removal of Judge Dale Wells gathers steam.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

A petition has been gathering signatures from outraged taxpayers to demand a forensic audit of the Indio family department and the removal of Judge Dale Wells from the Riverside Superior Court.

Supporters and the victims of Judge Dale Wells, are urged to sign, share and spread the petition.

The petition can be accessed by clicking on the Petition link.

The same petition in a  grassroots format has garnered international support with approximately 500 signatures from outraged South African citizens.

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Children are Pawns

Children like every single human being have feelings and emotions. Children in a court of law; however, are not characterized as sentient beings. Far from it. They are considered property to be divided and are used as weapons and pawns by a Court of law and some attorneys to be used against a parent in a divorce situation.

Divorce occurs. People decide to separate and decide to move on their separate ways. However, parents decide how their children are used as pawns and weapons by a court.

So there are emergency hearings for example, where a parent in this case a father is sanctioned with a child, for example for allegedly taking a child out of school and allegedly bribing it with a puppy. There is no law that allows a parent to be sanctioned with their own child.

There are emergency hearings based on a court’s non noticed motion where a mother is deemed an immediate flight risk with two expired passports, although she had events planned a month in advance for both children and is actually sanctioned with her own children based on a court’s non noticed sanctions exparte. The mother happens to be a permanent legal resident in the US and issuing non noticed expartes is against the legislative intent of the relevant statute.

Both cases once again occurred in the Riverside Superior Court under Judge Dale Wells. Logic and Best interest of the child standard is not exactly a forte of the Riverside Superior court.

Parents of course use children as pawns and weapons against the other parent with gusto as well. For example some parents will cling to the absolute maximum minute of time of a court order, merely to obtain the maximum amount of child support. There is no concern for children in that scenario and that they love the other parent. Children are merely viewed as a cash cow in that scenario.

Other situations of course exist as well, where false and fraudulent accusations of child neglect are made. One particular favorite scenario in abuse cases is to call the other parent delusional and mentally ill without any evidence, merely to obtain an advantage in a custody proceeding.

Parents have a duty as parents to put their children first and not use them as pawns and weapons against each other. This is not a war where a child is a prize to be won at all costs no matter what harm and effect it has on the child. Any parent who actually cares about their children would see the devastating effects and consequences a particular behavior has on a child.

This country is in a crisis with a family law court system that has spiraled out of control, mainly due to a corrupt court system where the best interest of child system does not exist. Some of the players of the court, i.e. attorneys, evaluators and other involved personnel prefer to escalate the situation further and feed off the misery of the situation they cause.

Parents have the option of saying NO to a corrupt court system and dismissing the devastating consequences of an insane court, and doing what is best for their children by agreeing to an agreement that will work for their children. Stop feeding the system that over thirty years has devastated children and their families.