Shad Kirkland Principle of Yucaipa High School abuses women

Shard Kirkland the principle of Yucaipa High School abuses and stalks women violating CA penal code section 646.9. He takes obscene phonographic image of these women and disseminates them on an electronic stalking device. The women are mothers of students in Yucaipa High School and he sexually harasses these women after screaming at their student ts to leave school. he is verbally and physically abusive and allows illegal arrests on campus.  He is phone contact with the ex-husband of various women who are restrained with domestic violence restraining orders inciting domestic violence and abuse so that these women do not have any protection and cannot call law enforcement when the restraining orders violated at the school. He is a control freak and has attempted to physically abuse numerous women.

He is desperate to harm women after screaming at students to leave the school does not work and he intimidates and harasses their mothers. He disseminates naked image s of these women out of revenge and  is desperate to make degreed women feel out of control.

He has constant emotional breakdowns and has to seek counseling from the Yucaipa and Calimesa Joint Unified School District and disseminates naked obscene images to that school district as well. He uses Prism to stalk and harass women. The intellectual property right of that software application is owned by a woman. His insane conduct is centered around harming women in general and he cannot tolerate degreed women professionals in any capacity and has to abuse and stalk them to feel as if he has achieved something in his daily work life as principal of a high school  He incites violence, assault, rape and bullying on campus which Yucaipa High School is well known for. He has substantial old age issues and perpetuates these old age issues on any woman that he stalk and harasses. His obscene and vicious conduct is out of control and he is desperate to justify his obscene conduct with the excuse that the mothers that he stalks and harasses are the most stalked and defamed women based upon Ivanka Trump’s criminal harassment and stalking.  His social justice is focused on inciting violence, assault and rape based upon his insane excuses.   He is desperate to portray that the women that he stalks and harasses are controlled by him.