Eric Vreeman 13657 Mesa Sol Dr, Yucaipa, CA, 92399-9693

Eric Vreeman from the Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District hides the abuse of the Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District and is desperate to abuse, defame and harass the parent of the children who are targeted by the Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District teacher’s and principals. His conduct is designed to hide the abuse by various teachers and principals.

He is desperate to present that single mothers who are protected under a domestic violence restraining order are to be abused based upon his insane prostitute references to a single mother, with three degrees including a degree in Psychology.

He denigrates women and has a superiority complex and facilitates the sexual reference and attraction of drug addicts and criminals to the same single mother. He is highly personally involved, vindictive, obsessive, abusive and targets immigrant communities, single mothers with his vicious and insane statements, claiming that these statements are in their “mind” and are not perpetuated by his attitude, statements and body language.

He claims that they need to be removed from the community that live in. He is employed ina  trailer at the Yucaipa Calimes Unified School District and lives at 13657 Mesa Sol Dr, Yucaipa, CA, 92399-9693. He does not have children and makes insane personal references to highly abused children and their expected conduct while they are on holiday.

He does not have any work at his trailer office and has an inordinate amount of time to harass, stalk and violate CA penal code section 646.

He is not capable of engaging with any segments in the community, except the White privileged race and calls everyone White trash who does not conform to his insane superiority complex. He expects parents to serve him. He is a public servant and is expected to serve the community that he lives in.   He claims to be “real” with his White supremacist views.