Calli Binks Yucaipa Calimesa Unified School District Superintendant

Calli Binks covers up the abuse of various teachers, principals and incidences of abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction and bullying. She encourages social bullying and fosters a culture of violence in various schools and drug addiction.

She excuses her obscene conduct with the statements that the above conduct which is recorded on school grounds is in the “mind” of parents. Parents can sue the school district for millions and she claims to not be emotionally affected by the incidences that occur on school ground. She hysterically bans parents from attending schools an dis desperate to intimidate specific students and their parents with her insane culture of bullying that she fosters

She fosters the abuse centered around the violation of a CA Safe at Home program and facilitates the unlawful arrest at  a school and claims that the arrest was in the parents’ “mind” and not real.