Magarita Solazzo is treated by Eric Speare based on her defamation of business women

Eric Speare has continued with his harassing conduct and is treating Magarita Solazzo for her defamation of business women.

He is the same “medical doctor” that has treated Anne Lee for her suicide and obsessive thought patterns centered around her eating disorders.

The board that she is associated with believe that they can abuse women to accept their psychological abuse and stigmatization associated with their brainwashing attempts and denigration.  This stigmatization and brainwashing is based upon the dozens of complaints associated with the sub-standard care of their hospital. These complaints allege improper billing practices, fleecing of medical insurance based on a false diagnosis and sub-standard care associated with their hospital. These complaints that the sub-standard has resulted in a lack of treatment and double billing by providers that are located in the same hospital.

Eric Speare is well known for his obsessive conduct throughout Orange County and refuses to admit that his obsessive conduct is out of control.  He abuses his position to attempt to influence and brainwash women to accept his stigmatization and their alleged status based upon his abuse and harassment. They attempt to influence anyone who supports one of their victims with pitiful attempts centered around their stigmatizing brainwashing.

Magarita Solazzo has accepted the stigmatization and brainwashing of Eric Speare based upon the dozens of complaints that a person has documented against their substandard care hospital. She has requested further treatment and copies his obsessive conduct.

By San Bernardino and Riverside Superior Court News Posted in Uncategorized

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