Timothy Ewanyshsyn, La Quinta Law Group, has threatened to kill a domestic violence victim for the last six months several times

Timothy Ewansyshyn refuses to stop his stalking and harassment of a domestic violence victim. He deliberately wants to force an emotional response as he has convinced himself that he had an affair with this person. He has threatened to kill this person over the last six month, by pointing a gun at a screen based on his unlawful stalking and harassment as he wiretapped a person in violation of CA penal code 623 and placed an image of this person on his TV screen. He obsessively stares at this image while having sex and has pointed several time at this person. He has crawled around with a gun in his home hunting for this person.  It’s not enough that someone has already experienced domestic abuse but in the mind of Timothy Ewansyhsyn can live their own life without his abusive conduct and manipulation of everyone around him, to support his conduct.

He was committed on a 51/50 hold after crawling around with a gun in his home by the Indio Police Department and was screaming, while strapped down during his commitment.

He deliberately attempts to force a domestic violence relationship down the throat of a domestic violence victim, as he cannot accept that he does not have any relevance anywhere.  He attempts to rope everyone in with his psychologically abusive games and is vindictive, manipulative and malicious He prefers to manipulate women to do his bidding flooding them, with his emotional issues.

The people that he is acquainted with increase his stalking and harassment and find it acceptable that he threatens to kill domestic violence victims, with domestic violence restraining orders. He is dangerous and out of control and everyone around him supports his obsession and stalking and harassment. The people that he is associated with increase his abusive nature and desire to kill by escalating their obsessive behavior.

The domestic abuse signs are well known to any court as well as the obsessive characteristics of a psychopath, who can kill. He finds it acceptable to act in this manner and floods everyone with self-created emotional issues that only exist in his head. The domestic violence victim refuses to associate with him in any capacity and knows how dangerous he is. He blames everyone else for his abuse and blames the people that he targets for his violent conduct. He fails to realize that his obsession is self-created and that if he stops harassing and stalking that his obsession will stop.

He has escalated his conduct out of control, resorting to defaming this domestic violence to agencies, individuals and other people. He abuses children who are protected by a domestic violence restraining order as well.

Judge Becky Dugan supports Timothy Ewanyshyn, as a Judge Pro Term by paying him $ 50,999 a year to cover up for his drug abuse. She lies to state agencies about his conduct and any court records of this domestic violence victim that she has tampered with and removes. She has substituted others, including minute orders. She refuses to act according to any law and supports a drug addict regardless of the consequences to the court. She has offered drug rehabilitation in the past to Timothy Ewanyshyn who refuses to accept it. Her solution is to support his domestic violence and abuse until he kills. He is completely out of control and has made it clear that he wants to kidnap the domestic violence victim and her children.

By San Bernardino and Riverside Superior Court News Posted in Uncategorized

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