Mark Cope invents bulimia for domestic violence victims to support Ivanka Trump

Mark Cope claims to be the voice of reason but has fixated and has issues centered round a domestic violence victim  that do not exist.

He fixates on these issues to support the mental health problem of Ivanka Trump and her refusal to obtain treatment for her cocaine addiction and bulimia.

Mark Cope refuses to accept that he is obsessive and invents issues to affirm himself as judge of the Superior Court refusing to adhere to his alleged open state of mind. He is a court whore to Donald Trump and his obsessive facilitation of Ivanka’s Trump mental health issues. Mark Cope cannot say  no to his abuse of domestic violence victims and their children based on the criminal harassment of Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump.

Mark Cope fixates on the bulimic thought processes of Ivanka Trump and refuses to obtain counseling. He blames everyone else for these issues. As a father to a daughter he should know better but refuses to apply these thought processes in any capacity. He’s highly abusive and abuses domestic violence victims. He blames these victims for his out of control actions, harasses their children based on his inability to have an open state of mind, defaming these people at length. He is located in Department T1 of the Riverside Superior Court.

By San Bernardino and Riverside Superior Court News Posted in Uncategorized

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