Judge Becky Dugan proclaims to be a judge who gives speeches that people are responsible for their own behavior and that she does not accept any excuses, These speeches occur when she sentences a criminal defendant.  She refuses to accept that there are extenuating circumstances for criminal behavior  or the facts surrounding.

In her personal capacity she does the opposite. She stalks and harasses women and judges that are associated with the Riverside Superior Court. She violates their privacy by recording them illegally in violation of CA penal code 632. She prevents their freedom of movement by notifying everyone when a judge travels with their family and intimidates/stalks/harasses their children by specifying that the children of the judge are recorded and stalked through their phone and social media/school.

She does the same with any person who she claims is involved with the court including any litigant who is and was represented by an attorney as she claims ownership of anyone associated with the court. She makes nasty comments about former and current clients to attorneys and judges that she visits in their home, she makes those same nasty comments in public to anyone who knows this person to harm her reputation so that this person is unable to find any work in the community that she has lived in or lives in. The purpose is to depress these individuals to such an extent that they cannot focus on any solution and expected to deal with their vicious harassment.

She incites sexual harassment and rape with these comments as they are designed to place these women on a lower social standing than the rest of the United States population. She deliberately forces these women to obtain welfare as these women cannot obtain any work based on her derogatory and nasty comments that do not have any relevance to anything but are merely designed to force these women to live in poverty and to be emotionally, financially and socially destroyed. She isolates these women from the past and current communities that they have lived in to prevent that they have any social, emotional and financial support.

Most of these women are highly educated including with a degree in Psychology and she refuses to accept that these women have social standing in their communities as a person who has the right to live free of her interference. She has appointed herself as the person capable of influencing anyone associated with the person that the court terrorizes to prevent they are able to live in peace. She associates and thinks of certain specific judges and specific women as sub-human beings who deserve to be treated in this capacity.  She refuses to accept that people can survive without the interference of the court as she has now turned her behavior into a game of survival for the targeted people of the court.

There are numerous women that have been financially, socially and emotionally destroyed by the court behavior including women who have had their children removed based on false claims and who had to move to another state to obtain these children back. They were forced to obtain welfare in order to survive and to obtain any contact with these children.

This behavior violates the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights http://www.un.org/en/universal-declaration-human-rights/

and the human rights of individuals that the court targets has and is violated on a constants basis.

The only basis or their behavior is delusional as Judge Becky Dugan relies on the nasty comments and targeted behavior that she initiates to destroy women. The court cannot accept that there is a world that does not revolve around the nasty derogatory comments and the intent to destroy a human being. The court specifically targets domestic violence victims as these women do not deserve any peace or the right to live without their vicious harassment and targeted destruction.

Judge Becky Dugan relies on the 5 minute memory of individuals and that they focus on any negative comments rather than on a positive association with this person, a new  game that she has invented as any targeted person is not allowed any personal relationship, family relationship, work, a home without the targeted criminal behavior that this person is exposed to based upon her negative portrayal of this individual who deserved to be criminally targeted.

They specifically target strong women and individuals and it goes back to the old game of identifying individuals as the stronger person and the target person before any court proceeding so that they initiate games to harm and to destroy this individual.

These women are expected to accept sexual harassment at their work place, in their personal life, rape, involvement with people that they refuse  to associate with based upon their negative vilification of individuals so that these individuals do not have any self-worth as a human being. Judge Becky Dugan verbally and emotionally abuses these women.

They treat women and associated individuals as their possession and chattels, who are expected to loose their homes, their children, their jobs and who deserve to be exposed to criminal behavior based on their sub-human degradation/vilification of these individuals.

These individuals receive medical treatment that is below standard based on the defamation and stalking/ harassment that they are exposed to. Their children are called the “FUCKING LYING SCUM” by the court and associated individuals and are not allowed to live in peace with their target parent. Their schools are impacted including and medical professional that they have.

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