The chambers of Judge Otis Sterling.Riverside Superior Court wire taps in violation of CA penal code 632.

The court introduces new Pro-term judges by revealing that they have illegal wire taps in the chambers, which violates CA penal code 632 as CA is a two party consent stated. New temporary judges are introduced to their profession with alleged aged tapes, that the court has allegedly obtained of former clients to color their state of mind and to involve them in their illegal wire tapping activity.  These alleged tapes are not authenticated nor are any of the associated documents that are alleged as associated with these tapes, but are presented as valid and relevant.

The sole purpose is to influence an individual to be a pro-term judge and to influence their status as being superior to the individual that is being illegally wire tapped, with vicious commentary that does not have any relevance to their appearance in any court proceeding. The wire tapping does not show any criminal or illicit behavior but the court has made a mockery of any subpoena process in order to illegally wire tape a private person. In their minds of the individuals involved these persons do not enjoy the same rights and privileges of a permanent resident or a citizen with the same constitutional safeguard and is merely designed to harass the private person and perpetuate their alleged superior standing in their mind.

The comments specify that the individual that is wire tapped has bulimia and the pro-terms are forecably exposed to this state of mind to influence their perception so that they can function in their day for one hour. The court ignores the substance abuse of the judge pro-terms including cocaine and other drugs to perpetuate the insane statement against the individual that they are defaming on a daily basis.  The court has footage of the same judge pro-terms snorting cocaine and having sex at their law offices.

The same pro-term judge has illicit wire tapping at their home and has abused his daughter for 4 hours with physical and emotional abuse. This individual forces children to be exposed to the same insanity that Judge Otis Sterling imposes on the judge pro-term merely to emotionally upset children during a holiday. There are no reasons for these actions as they are perpetuated by a drug addict and constitute emotional abuse.


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