Tamara Meyers, Riverside County Library

Ms. Meyers caused her marriage of 23 years to fail by exploring her gay tendencies. She had three children at the same time and did not care about the status of her marriage. Her husband at the time had an emotional background and the court declared that he was a suicidal risk based upon her application to the Riverside Superior Court with a temporary restraining order and her false claims that her ex-husband was suicidal based on 2 advils. Her ex-husband was committed based upon the emotional devastation of a failed marriage and is now happily married.

The court eventually dissolved the TRO and the parties ended up with a joint legal and joint physical custody order with shared custody out of state.

Tamara Meyers has managed to convince her daughter that she is gay and is offended if she does not comply with that gay status that has been forced upon her from an early age. Her daughter is not allowed to explore that she has another sexual status.

Ms. Meyers has been on psychotic medication for years, which includes depressants and medication that is usually prescribed for psychotic medication. Her psychiatrist experiments with different combinations of medication which is dangerous as it influences the neurotransmitters in the brain.

It is a mockery in particular as the court declared her ex-husband a suicidal risk based on 2 advils.  She has only been allowed to proceed in the family law case as her mother paid an attorney a $ 10,000 retainer fee to proceed in this case.

Ms. Meyers forces her gay status on every patron at the La Quinta library branch and refuses to accept that a patron can decline any advances with her aggressive approach. Her entire gay status is based upon one gay relationship with a person called Erika that she uses to prove that she is gay. She forces her gay status upon patrons in the hope that they are accepted.

She lives at 50701 Washington St Apt 421, La Quinta, CA and works at the La Quinta library branch.




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