Sherrill Elsworth; the cancer of the Riverside Superior Court.


Sherill Ellsworth was a Riverside Superior Court judge and retired to the private sector. Her career as a bench officer was characterized by outrageous statements in family law cases including calling mom’s a cancer in a child’s life. Her behavior in court cases was geared towards escalating the conflict between parties, rather settling cases. he even order a criminal anger management course for a family law party based on alleged anger management issues which were not presented in a formal hearing. The criminal diversion program is usually used in criminal cases and not the sentencing that was imposed on a family law party. Her home address is ” 44206 Whittier Ave, Hemet CA. “.

Sherill Ellsworth makes derogatory comments on attorneys, former litigants and refuses to cease with the interference in their lives. She has history of unlawful sanction orders that violate all statutory requirements and due process procedures and refuses to treat moms with respect in any court proceeding.

Her husband is a dentist with his own practice in Riverside, (located at 4959 Arlington AvenueRiverside, CA 92504)  and she has 6 adult children. Throughout in the Riverside Superior Court she maintained that the 6 children allowed her to handle high conflict domestic violence cases. “Who better than me?”   “Who better than me, a mother of six, to sort out the complex issues of high-conflict custody battles? Who better than me, an LDS (Mormon) woman, to preside over child molestation cases where the victims and the juries need a gentle touch? Who better than me to handle domestic violence cases?”


She presented domestic violence seminars and specified that mothers should think twice before moving out of home due to domestic violence as they could end up homeless and loose their children,

Sherill Ellsworth declined to specify that these mothers were entitled to spousal and child support with any domestic violence filing.

Her private involvement focuses on allegedly helping families with a co-parenter tool, The co-parenter tool is just another tool to convince the judicial council to spend funds on a platform that is unnecessary, without providing any statistics or how it is effective in family law. The court already uses the our family wizard tool for co-parenting and scheduling.  Sherill Ellsworth is attempting to convince the public that this tool is the only communication tool that exists rather than e-mail. phone contact or discussion, to resolve any settlement. Prior articles have discussed that reasonable parents can come to an agreement outside of a law to settle any issues that affect their children. The high conflict escalation arises when the court refuses to acknowledge domestic abuse and refuses to acknowledge the conflict that is generated by the other parent.

Her profile on her LinkedIn profile specifies the following “

“After serving as a Bench Officer in California for almost 20 years I have moved into the private sector where I remain active in trying to help families . One day , about 18 months ago I met Jonathon Verk and Eric Weiss . They had this idea about an APP , a coparenting platform or tool that would help the families of divorced, separating and never married individuals to avoid the high financial and emotional cost of going to Court. We became fast friends working together to create CoParenter. When it comes to children , we all feel passionate about empowering co parents to make decisions for their children in a way that “PUTS CHILDREN IN THE CENTER NOT THE MIDDLE.” With CoParenter , we can make a real change in the culture of Courts and in families. We can create new landscapes for how divorce, separation and parenting disputes are resolved .CoParenter fosters amicable resolutions outside of Court by empowering co parents to make decisions for their children.It is so exciting to work with this team and within this positive platform . CoParenter. Org

In addition to my position at CoParenter I continue to settle cases ; business, family , construction defect etc . I believe individuals need to have ” a say ” in the process and outcome of their dispute . I am equally comfortable in the role as Mediator as I am as Private Judge , Arbitrator or Special Referee . I am a Judicial Educator , Consultant and Public Speaker .

I haven’t really retired ! Instead I have transformed . I am busy making a difference focusing on what is near and dear to my heart .I am resolving conflict and removing children from conflict while helping Courts , Communities , Businesses and Families .”

Sherill Ellsworth owns another company in Florida, which she refuses to register in the State of California, even though she is legally required to do so under CA law.

A CA Secretary of State business search shows that her company is not registered in the State of California.


Her husband and Sherill Ellsworth have two limited partnerships.



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