The mediator characters of the Indio Family law court

The court uses mediators that have several personal issues that affect their ability to act impartiality and to adhere to the CA rules of court and the domestic violence standard, mandated by CA family code section 3044. This advisory notice is routinely filed in all cases where mediation occurs. The mediators simply refuses to adhere to this notice.

Some of the characters include Marlo Guzman, Aka Marlo Salcido (married name). This mediator refuses to adhere to the CA family code 3044 requirements, does not know what joint physical custody order is and wants to dominate at all cost. Her perceptions against certain women cloud and affect her “rulings”. She is domineering and wants to put every woman in her place especially those affected by Judge Wells’ rulings.

She watches which mediation “rulings” are approved and has tailored those “rulings” to a certain judicial mentality.

Her personal habits include portion control, obsessively monitoring her weight, in her marriage she is the breadwinner and is the person that the children and her husband have to cater to.  She does not participate in extra-curricular activities with her children, including swimming and believes that any women in sport activities with her children is ludicrous. This of course impacts on moms who regularly engage their children in sport activities. To Marlo Salcisdo it is acceptable that children adopt the abusive vernacular and behavior of an abusive ex and Marlo Salcido refuses to disclose this behavior in a mediation “ruling” even though it brought to her attention and filed.

Emelinda McGinnis is another character and has a reputation as being completely against certain woman and children. Her reputation has lasted for at least 10 years and she play to control games with woman refusing to acknowledge any domestic violence. In this context she refuses to adhere to any domestic violence standard and “deems” women as least likely to share based on domestic violence and her failure to apply a CA family code 3044 rebuttable presumption to the abusive ex. This pattern then extends throughout the entire court file as the court is desperate to cover up abuse and allows an ex-husband to perpetuate further abuse resulting in additional restraining orders.

Her personal habits include yo-yo dieting. As a result she puts on a substantial of amount weight and is fixated on her scale. She has a bad day if the scale deviates by a few pounds. She is personally attached to a grandmother, whom she calls Nona and lives alone, in Cathedral City. She doesn’t have a personal relationship and refuses to have one as she wants to dominate and control at all cost as it is a personal weakness to have a relationship with someone. She claims to have a large circle of personal friends but fixates and obsesses on certain parents that she has issued mediation “rulings” on. In other words, the obsession colors the ability to have a normal, happy life, without any personal involvement and obsession with parents she issued “rulings” on.

Their routine salaries are $ 75,000 with benefits and they only have a few appointments per week.

Both mediators are routinely removed by their supervisor from court cases as they fail to adhere to the CA rules of court for mediation standard. These are available here ( and a complaint can be lodged against any mediator for failing to adhere to these standard.


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