Grace Budka, Indio attorney

Grace Budka is a small town attorney and relies on the connections that she has in the Valley and to the court in Indio to proceed with her cases.

She forces clients to accept a baby step mentality browbeating them to accept that they cannot proceed according to the law.  This approach is designed to shred client’s credibility rather than focusing on the facts that exist.

This attorney does not provide client files to clients until they have paid. This contradicts the below CA bar association ethical guidelines and represents a violation of these ethics.

The Rules of Professional Conduct require attorneys to return all client papers and property to which the client is entitled. The complete original file belongs to the client, and the attorney may copy the file at his or her own expense,

This attorney proclaims that facts are correct without knowing the entire background and bases assumptions on these facts attempting to influence a court of law and other institutions. This attorney refuses to accept and consider any legal confidentiality of an attorney-client relationship.

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