Dr. Eric Speare (MD) who practices in orange county claims to be a psychiatrist. Rumors and opinions have come to light that Dr. Speare sexually harasses patients, refusing to accept no,  https://ericspearemdsexuallyharassespatients.wordpress.com/.

Dr. Speare insists on a very specific form of treatment which resembles bondage, facilitating transference to the patient, refusing to allow a patient to leave his practice. This specific type of psychiatrist insists on misdiagnosing patients to fleece their medical and health care provider for years at a time, creating a sadistic bondage relationship.

Dr. Speare writes out prescriptions that are meaningless for the alleged diagnosis and refuses to accept that they do not work if the patient queries the diagnosis, insisting on prescribing an additional heavier dose, (once again fleecing the same health insurance).

Dr. Speare’s particular brand of transference bondage includes harassing children through their parents. Once again Dr. Speare refuses to accept no as an answer.

Dr. Speare deliberately specifies that a person is prohibited from having any type of personal relationship and deliberately his abusive interaction to facilitate that scenario. The word used are “can never have a relationship” etc.

Dr. Speare violates a patient’s alleged medical confidentiality to employers (past and present), school districts, court systems and anyone who requests alleged medical records.

Dr. Speare specializes in insisting on the fact that his alleged patients are mentally ill, forcing them to accept his alleged diagnosis; refusing to provide proper treatment, in an effort to keep them embroiled in the alleged patient bondage transference/psychiatric dynamic. The same occurs with alleged family members or acquaintances that he brainwashed to accept his transference diagnosis. Dr. Speare is desperate to have his “opinion” recognized although it does not have any relevance to any actual patient.

Dr. Speare can be contacted at his office address: 33971 Selva Rd, Dana Point, CA 92629 and his home address at 11 S La Senda DR Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

It is rumored that Dr. Speare uses drugs and excuses their use as recreational drug use. Dr. Speare refuses to accept that the drugs do not impact on perception, the implanting of false memories induced by the drug psychosis and fails to act normally when it comes to treating drug addicts.  This doctor refuses to accept that addicts require a standard of care based on his addiction and functional drug use, equivalent to a functional alcoholic.

A particular favorite patient of Dr. Speares is a patient called Treena, who is an anorexic and hides her bulimia. This patient is a pet of Dr. Speare’s who has coined an affectionate nickname for this person. Every interaction is tainted with the anorexia personality and refusal to obtain treatment. Dr. Speare refuses to treat these patients and places them on medication for years which does not have any effect.

A nurse called Kathleen facilitates this obsession and refuses to address her own alcoholic tendencies. These tendencies are the same as Dr. Speare’s drug addition and is not treated or addressed in any capacity. This nurse is desperate to obtain control in some way. This is a tool used to disguise the out of control alcoholic behavior which is hidden from her husband.

The hospital that Dr. Speare is affiliated with has numerous complaints against it for medical malpractice and fleecing the health insurance of the patients. The complaints generally allege that the hospital does not provide adequate medical care and that the board members are rude and fail to address the complaints adequately.


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