The Eviction Center located in Beaumont on 1051 E 1st St Beaumont, CA 92223 claims to be an unlawful detainer assistant qualified according to CA Business Professions Code section 6400-6415 (https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=BPC&sectionNum=6400).

The Eviction Center is operated by Rudi Flores and Veronia Hollenbaugh who are behind the unlicensed and unbonded activities of this “Eviction Center”. Rudi Flores harasses parties who are involved in their unlawful litigation by obtaining court records that they do not have any right to have access to and harasses alleged defendants with unlawful statements through the Eviction Center.  They involve their so-called plaintiffs with their unlawful action with this type of manipulative behavior and portray defendant’s as the horrendous enemy of a court system to persuade plaintiffs to continue with their unlawful complaints. The Eviction Center refuses to dismiss any unlawful complaint despite being instructed to do by their so-called plaintiff who lists the Eviction Center’s business address as their own. This type of behavior, filing false complaints, refusing to dismiss and escalating the situation wastes an enormous of judicial enormous as both court systems have to deal with the result of their false complaints that are filed without the assistance of an attorney.

The Eviction Center uses the Eviction Center name to sign contracts even they are not registered as a legal  to sign contracts as.

The Eviction Center does not maintain an active business license within the City of Beaumont and has not registered a DBA with the City of in any other format.




The Eviction Center prepares court documents under the Eviction Center name claiming that they are an unlawful detainer assistant. The Center prepares documents without a valid legal claim, specifying that an an ulawful detainer action exists when such as an action does not exist. They provide a summons and complaint to be filed with a court specifying their name, allowing alleged pro per plaintiffs to use their alleged business address to obtain credibility with the court. These complaints only present a frivolous unlawful detainer lawsuit. They do not contain the actual plaintiff and they do not contain a valid legal notice (3 day notice to pay or surrender). The notices are not based on the actual facts of the case nor are they based on the terms of any written agreement or the amount due. These notices are signed by a person who is not an attorney and misrepresents themselves as the owner/agent of the property when the alleged written agreement contains a different name.
The complaints that are filed allege damages that occur only a month after the alleged invalid notice was served, with the incorrect amount and the date due, (see attached complaint with example of such a notice). In essence, the Eviction Center is filing complaints or allowing pro per litigants to file a complaint with their alleged business address prematurely. In other words, the complaint is filed in August for damages that are only alleged for September and are not even due yet. This business files complaints or allows pro per litigants to file complaints that do not contain a verification in violation of the unlawful detainer law (Code of Civil Procedure § 1166(a)(1), which specifies that complaints shall be verified. An example of such a complaint resulting in a frivolous unlawful detainer complaint is attached. The complaint does not list the true plaintiff, does not list the correct the legal address of the property, does not list the correct amount allegedly owed as the complaint specifies that damages are only due from the month of September, rather than the month of August, the dates contained in the relevant notice attached to the complaint. The company background can be traced back to a corporation called the Sabre Group, Inc, which is registered in CA as a Nevada corporation operating as the VALRON SYNDICATE.


The Valron syndicate advertisers itself as the Eviction Center on the internet.


The Sabre Group Inc. is listed in the City of Beaumont as a DBA called Frontline Property Maintenance.


The company is registered as a handyman service with the City of Beaumont and not the Evicton.

The Secretary of State corporations (statement of information) specifies that the company is doing business as the Valron Syndicate within the State of California. The corporate documents specify that the company is engaged in Security/Maintenance/Typing services, (see above corporate documents, statement of information).

This is not the true nature of their business as the adverts of the Valron Syndicate highlight that they specialize in evictions under the name of the Eviction Center (see above adverts and websites).

The company is not only misrepresenting their business activity to the Secretary of State but is misrepresenting their capacity for legal actions to pro per consumers and to the relevant Riverside and San Bernardino Superior Courts.

The Eviction Center advertises themselves as being bonded in both counties (Riverside and San Bernardino County, as required by CA Business Professions Code section 6400-6415. The process for an unlawful detainer assistant to engage in legal activity within the State of California. The company is not registered with the Riverside County clerk as required by CA Business Professions Code section 6400-6415.

A record search of the Riverside County recorders documents specifies that the Eviction Center does not have a registered bond nor does The Sabre Group Inc, or the Valron Syndicate and the address of a legally registered and bonded unlawful detainer assistant is not listed on the relevant court documents or on their advertisements and their websites.


The Eviction Center misrepresents themselves as an unlawful detainer assistant on court documents with an address that allegedly corresponds to a lawfully registered unlawful detainer assistant.

The Eviction Center is operating as an unlicensed and unregistered business within the State of California, misrepresenting their status as a bonded unlawful detainer assistant with both the Riverside and San Bernardino Superior Court, as well as the public.

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