Yucaipa Police Department, Deputy Rodriguez, harasses domestic violence victim with false court orders in mom’s custody time

The Yucaipa Police Department protects and serves the restrained party under a domestic violence restraining order. This department REFUSES to enforce the domestic violence restraining order with the mandatory action, i.e. arrest.

Various excuses are used and they range from the failure to provide an incident number, specifying that they refuse to enforce a Riverside Superior court domestic violence restraining order, the refusal to recognize a DV 130 as a protective order as the officers ask what type of protective order this was, the refusal to address any violation as they specify that it relates to custody issues, the referral to the San Bernardino Superior Court to obtain a restraining order from the San Bernardino Superior Court. Each and every instance of a request for enforcement is met with hostility and the portrayal of the protected party as the vindictive person who is setting up the restrained person.

The restrained person has taken full advantage of this sentiment to vindictively and willfully violate every court order by presenting false court orders to the Yucaipa police department to harass a parent in her custody time.

The latest incidence involved Deputy Rodriguez who appeared at the protected person’s doorstep with false court orders provided by the restrained party; harassing a parent in her custody time to coerce, intimate and harass the protected person to hand over a child to Deputy Rodriguez. Said children and their mom are enrolled with the Secretary of State Safe at Home program in California and the Domestic violence restraining order specifies that the protected party cannot be located by the restrained party, with 100 yard stay away orders from the protected person’s residence, vehicle and person.

Deputy Rodriguez persisted in harassing the protected party for over 40 minutes with false court orders. 911 was called to report the violations of the permanent restraining order and the harassment in a parent’s custody time based on false court orders and the Yucaipa police department’s response was to threaten the protected party with arrest for calling 911 and reporting the violation of the permanent restraining order.

Deputy Rodriguez specified that the protected parent did not have any rights. The Yucaipa police department has persisted in filing a false police report with incorrect custody orders on behalf of the restrained party.

The outrageous harassment originates from the restrained party who files false police reports on a continuous basis to harass the protected party, convincing every police office that the protected party is violating custody orders in order to EVADE the enforcement of the permanent restraining order. Statements are designed to fit with the male mentality of a vicious vindictive ex-wife bitch who willfully withholds children. Deputy Rodriguez even failed to verify the applicability of the false court orders that he had in his hand which did not specify the correct custody orders as the sentiment of the Yucaipa police department is “that is their way or the highway”.

On other occasions, the same restrained person, willfully violates a custody order and the protective order to collect children from school, enticing and concealing a child at the same time.   The restrained person again willfully lied to the police department specifying that it was his custody time and once again portrayed that he is the victim of a vindictive ex-wife. The Yucaipa police department had the audacity to interview a child as to what the child’s custody time was rather than verifying the applicable court orders.

The restrained party REFUSED to hand over the child after willfully violating the court order.

Any other police department would have taken immediate action to enforce a permanent restraining order as that is their job.  The DV 130 can be enforced in all states and every police department by the mandatory action listed on the actual form, i.e. arrest.  Instead the Yucaipa Police Department has made it a game to endanger women and children; preferring to harass parents in their custody time by violating the restraining order.




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