Judge Harold Hopp makes history. Domestic violence restraining order with children filed on 10/13/2015 listed as ACTIVE without hearing FOR TWENTY DAYS.

A RESTRAINING ORDER WITH CHILDREN LISTED AS ACTIVE FOR TWENTY DAYS WITHOUT THE ISSUANCE OF A TRO. JUDGE HOPP INSTRUCTS CLERKS AND JUDGES TO DELAY ANY AND ALL TRO. Judge Hopp has instructed every clerk in the Riverside Superior Court to forward any and all papers to the disqualified presiding judge’s office to prevent that any request for restraining order with children is addressed.

The disqualified presiding judge has issued instructions to clerks and judges of the Riverside Superior Court to refuse the filing and issuance of a TRO. The judicial vendetta is geared towards delaying any and all action in a family law case in violation of the law and to prevent that any writ proceeding is addressed by the Court of Appeal. Judge Hopp is quite clearly using the Riverside Superior court as his own malicious retaliation tool.

Court of Appeal, Superior Court and Supreme Court News

Judge Harold Hopp’s personal vendetta against a litigant in the Riverside Superior Court has outlined the outrageous and malicious nature of the Presiding Judge and his sentiments to domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence awareness month and the Presiding Judge in previous hearings had made it clear that Judge Harold Hopp does not consider restraining orders as domestic violence or abuse and influences the entire court with his outrageous sentiment in violation of all prevailing law.

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