Parents do not have the first amendment right to privacy. Invasion of privacy by the court system.

The infamous “what if statement” has been used to deny a perfectly valid request for custody based on hypothetical scenarios that are not based on evidence.

What if covers a whole range of scenarios.

As a hypothetical scenario, what if you were very aware that a court invades your privacy as a parent, and harasses your children at a school?

What if you were aware that a court deliberately prevents you from obtaining work and prevents you from achieving anything to keep you tied to to an insane situation?

What if you were aware that a court deprives you of earning ability?.

What if you were aware that a court monitors your phone calls, emails, and prevents you from actually having a life and interferes with any close relationship that you may have?

What if the court invades your privacy and deliberately tortures you to an unbelievable degree as that is the only tool that this court has against you as they cannot use any legal means to torture you?

What would you do as a parent in response to protect your children, your life and your friends?

How would you react to the total destruction of your life?

By San Bernardino and Riverside Superior Court News Posted in Law, News

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