“When they can’t get into court to have those issues heard … it’s a violation of those rights.”

These are the profound words of our current Riverside Superior Court Presiding Judge, Mark Cope.

The below statement was part of a comment on the current budget crisis in our Superior Court, published in the Gavel Grab.

“People have a civil right, and therefore a constitutional right to have
their issues resolved in a fair way,” the presiding judge in Riverside
County, Mark Cope, said. “When they can’t get into court to have those
issues heard … it’s a violation of those rights.”


On his online running platform, under justice, Judge Cope advocates that “The role of a judge is not to make law, but to apply it”.http://www.democracy.com/JudgeCope/issues.aspx?Tag=Justice

Although as litigants we truly appreciate the sentiment, the reality that parents and children deal with in the Riverside Superior Court is very different. Our cases are not heard and most of us have our constitutional rights violated on a day to day basis, with cases languishing for years as the Court refuses to address the legal standard required to overturn heinous criminal custody orders where parents and their children alike suffer and are tormented. The sentiment is to sweep everything under a rug hoping that we will go away or to perpetuate the malicious legal rape and battery that has become the norm. For most of us giving up on our children is not a possibility, as our children as parents are all we care about, and the Court is our only option.

Our constitution in this country guarantees that the relationship between parents and their children is accorded a protected preferential status and we have the first amendment right to have our cases addressed. The fourteenth amendment substantive due process right to a protected familial parent child relationship was already recognized in IDK, Inc. v. County of Clark, 836 F.2d 1185, 1192 (9th Cir. Nev. 1988) and Carey v.Population Services International, 431 U.S. 678, 684-685 (1977), where the United States Supreme Court repeatedly teaches that there is “a right of personal privacy” which includes “family relationships,” and child rearing and education.

We expect justice and we expect that the court addresses the law and that our protected rights under the constitution be treated that way. That scenario does not exist in the Riverside Superior Court. Why for example is a litigant denied access to the Court system for a year, while their paperwork vegetates on a desk somewhere? https://viewsandnewsriversidesuperiourcourts.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/riverside-superior-court-sabotages-litigation-against-the-best-interest-of-the-child-by-filing-a-document-one-year-later-after-it-was-received-ppeal/

Why are our children forced to suffer due to the heinous orders initiated by a court that violated all due process accorded by the relevant statute and the fourteenth amendment equal protection standard, merely as the relevant judicial officer wanted to teach a parent a lesson and was fixated on punishing a litigant with his/her children?

Why can none of us obtain the legal relief in the interest of justice that we are entitled to under the statute as there was a blatant miscarriage of justice which the court can correct pursuant to CCP section 128.(a)(8) and CA family code section 3022 and the Court refuses that we file the appropriate and necessary litigation to address these orders?

Words, your Honor are meaningless, unless the appropriate action mirroring those words is implemented, and we are accorded the relief that we are constitutionally entitled to.

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3 comments on ““When they can’t get into court to have those issues heard … it’s a violation of those rights.”

  1. The winner of the 2014 Hypocrite of the Year award is Riverside County’s presiding judge Mark Cope. Does he truly live under the misconception that CA taxpayers, who pay his exorbitant salary for the privilege of being judicially battered and dehumanized in the Riverside Superior Court, are that gullible to believe that budget cuts are responsible for the horrific human, civil, constitutional rights abuses and torture maliciously inflicted on parents, in particular abused women, and their children by judicial officers, including Mark Cope, who – unlike in other civilized nations where family court judges actually have to specialize in family law – are not even remotely qualified to preside over family law cases?
    When Mark Cope ascended the throne of presiding judge, hundreds of litigants whose 1st, 5th, 8th and 14th Amendment rights had been and continue to be grossly violated by this court, hoped that unlike his predecessor Sherrill Ellsworth who miserably and willfully failed to perform her duties as presiding judge by adopting an ostrich stance, the new presiding judge would actually honor his oath of office and investigate evidenced impeachable acts of judicial malfeasance and fraud upon the court committed by his sub-ordinate officers.Instead, Mr. Cope morphed into the master puppeteer of the Riverside Superior Court, he blatantly abuses his power, adjudicates and legislates from the bench and even goes so far as to deny selected litigants, who dare to stand up for their rights and expose the gross violation of their and their children’s civil and constitutional rights, the right to file anything in court, which by law would require the immediate reversal of the most horrendous and inhumane custody orders, to cover up the court-licensed abuse of parents and their children, which makes him a conspirator under the color of law.
    Unless he missed classes in law school, surely Mark Cope, triumphantly riding on the wave of imaginary judicial immunity, must know that judicial immunity does not exist for judges who engage in criminal activity, for judges who connive with, aid and abet the criminal activity of another judge, or to a judge for damages sustained by a person who has been harmed by the judge’s connivance with, aiding and abeting, another judge’s criminal activity and that section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

    Not budget cuts but the appointment of “politically correct”, incompetent and morally delinquent judicial officers, preferably those with a proven track record of sociopathy, constitute the biggest threat to justice in America and confirm international perception that the US judiciary, notably US family court judges, are the most corrupt in the world and that US family courts are nothing but multi-million dollar organized crime syndicates. How dare they even lament budget cuts when – like toxic vampire squids – judges and their Pavlovian sycophants (unqualified mediators, evaluators, attorneys, etc) suck the last drop of blood from parents with substantial bank accounts and assets until successfully rendered bankrupt and homeless or their children age out of the system, while unconstitutionally declaring second-class pro se litigants “vexatious” tantamount to a gag order, to prevent this “caste” of litigants from obtaining justice in violation of the Supreme Law of the Land.

  2. Reblogged this on News and Views Riverside Superior Court and National Family Law Abuse and commented:

    Your honor, what is the use of a first amendment right to governmental redress and the constitutional right to have issues heard in a “fair way” if you have a biased and prejudiced judge on the bench who is not equipped to handle family law cases.

    The personal viewpoint and belief of a judge and the public acceptance of the Riverside Superior Court, who leaves children in an abusive situation to be exposed to further abuse and harm, is NOT having any issues heard in a fair way as children are left to vegetate in the same abusive situation that this court has created for them over YEARS.

    Children are not collateral damage to be used by a warped and disassociated judiciary who “believe” that a mother has no relevance to her children’s lives and where they can be used perpetually as tools of abuse and tools of judicial retaliation against her as the judge hearing the case failed to adhere to the legal standard REQUIRED by law and applied the same prejudice and bias of his predecessor.

    Children have their childhood destroyed by the actions of this court, a childhood that can NEVER be regained.

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