Judge Dale Wells’ vexatious non noticed expartes

WELLSCARICATURE2Judge Wells has a history of violating family law rules and procedures to suit his particular capricious frame of mind.  One such tool is the illegal exparte practice that he has implemented over a decade as the policy and procedure in the Superior Court.

He has removed children from parents based solely on his vexatious interpretation of CA family code 3064, which actually states that the Court shall REFRAIN from executing an exparte unless there is a risk of  immediate harm to the child or immediate risk that the children will be taken out of the State of California.

He himself has executed non noticed expartes based solely on his whim and particular retaliation against a parent.  However, none of his fictitious procedures are based on the law as mandatory due process notification is required defined by  California rules of court 3.1203-3.1204 and the application requirements specified in CA rules of court Rule 3.1201 which specifies that the exparte application MUST be in writing before the hearing and that notification of said exparte must take place before 10 am the prior day BEFORE the exparte hearing.  However, Judge Wells has over a ten year period instituted non noticed expartes at hearings, that have a completely different purpose out of sheer spite and retaliation; harmfully, oppressively and maliciously sanctioning parents with their own children; without any evidence to substantiate his truly malicious accusations.

Of course the Riverside Superior court fails to address the judicial carnage and battery exhibited by a judicial officer that is being paid in excess of $180,000.00 for that particular privilege.


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