Letter: Destroyed by no law followed in Riverside superior family court.

As requested the letter from a concerned litigant has been posted:

“My case is beyond anything sane or legal.  RID-233625.  I just got it into the appeals court, E 058656.  I paid court reporters for only the Sept. 29th 2011, June 7th 2012, Aug. 1st 2012 and Aug. 2nd 2012  transcripts to start.  Please post those and I can only hope my court reporters were not ordered to manipulate them like a few clerks and others in the court were used to hide the judges abuse of discretion and negligence.

The hell I have been put through after fleeing the state to escape threats to my life, abuse and stalking  by my ex spouse were compounded and encouraged by this court.  I had to hire a lawyer in Colorado to clean up just 2 of the hundreds of intimidation and threat tactics the riverside judge was to busy to even look at the stacks of evidence I had. Cost me my home of 18 years that was in my name, financially devastated me, my ex with the help of the court destroyed my bonds with my children and gandchildren, destroyed my good reputation, property, investments, good credit gone.  Allowed his continued menacing and deviant, highly criminal behavior.  I had forensic profiles (Judge Gunn did not bother to read) saying he was capable of murder and dangerous.

The court violated all of the Elkins family Law Task Force Recommendations.  I was not notified of hearings, changes in venues, tossed from pillar to post, threatened by the court that I made a “fatal error”,  messed with another case of my last California lawyer to make him back off from protecting my rights. Judgement slid by me, Statement of Decision full of serious and costly factual errors with no explanations.  Omissions.  Saying my motion to reconsider was allowed back on calender for Aug. 1st, flew in and was to fly out that night.  I was blown off, forced to come in the next day, costly rescheduling of my flight and then blown off again on the 2nd and told by the judge that I “cannot speak”.  Ex spouse getting away with purjury, violating discovery, fraud, contempt over and over, continual menacing of me.  Unprofessional lawyers easily manipulated by my forensically profiled paranoid schizophrenic with sociopathic tendencies spouse.

Wish me luck,  I fought back and the Judge (who was quoted in the Riverside Law magazine May 2010 as saying “the only experience I have in family law is that I got a divorce”)  slaughtered me.  Destroy a decent human being while letting a deviant and very sick one run rampant through the Halls of Justice???   I am not naive anymore.

Thank You,  Mary Jane Pederson”

2 comments on “Letter: Destroyed by no law followed in Riverside superior family court.

  1. This is indeed the ‘norm’ for family law. They welcome vindictive, bitter, hell bend on revenge, ex spouses with assistance to financially ruin the other party with full participation of the court and it’s officers, judge and attorneys. And when one party runs out of financial ability to continue the masquerade of ‘family law’, the other parent can only hope they have nothing accredited to them criminally, for surely they too shall be taken for federal dollar grab in jail, and if possible, the bonus of ‘unattended’ children dropped in the foster system for federal dollar incentive for the state. It is called rampant racketeering by state and local officials to defraud American Families of their financial holdings and legally entangle families in the system for federal incentives..

  2. What Lori Callies says is true. One is lucky to escape without some false allegations being used as an excuse to throw innocent people in jail. Worse, the judges sit on the bench and laugh at the innocent victims like it is some Roman forum theater or Shakespearean play. These judges seem to thoroughly enjoy profiting off the suffering of innocent people and children.

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