Riverside Superior Court Sabotages litigation AGAINST the best interest of the child by FILING a document one year later after it was received.

The Riverside Superior court has a history of judicial malfeasance and malevolence. In this case the Riverside Superior Court delayed the filing of litigation for ONE year, by receiving and forwarding the below document that was submitted in May 2012 and is dated May 2012.

The Noticed Motion quite clearly requested a modification and change in custody and visitation. Presiding Judge Cope was responsible for receiving and forwarding the litigation and decided to hand it over to Judicial officer Kelly Hanson.

The document reflects a SD scribble next to the request to modify and change custody and the boxes have been crossed out. Now SD  in legal terms refers to summarily denied.

The court decided to summarily deny a request for modification of change of custody WITHOUT A HEARING, a mandatory due process notice and filed the litigation ONE year after it was submitted, (creating an involuntary stay of proceedings where the litigant has no recourse); maliciously and malevolently delaying the period where the child in question is left in the same circumstances, against the best interest of the child standard as defined in the relevant legislative standard.

The court also with deliberate and knowing intent sabotaged any possible appeal by delaying the litigation for ONE year and summarily denying certain components of the noticed motion that was requested.

The litigant in question has been declared vexatious for attempting to protect a child as a parent. During this time there was an appeal pending on that issue, and an automatic stay is in place during an appeal under CCP section 916; the court had to file that document on the date it was received. Instead it waited ONE year to summarily deny the litigation requested and only set it for hearing on one component.

Another equally heinous aspect to this case is that the District Attorney’s office has implemented criminal contempt of court proceedings against this litigant for alleged failure to pay child support. However, the court waits ONE year to approve litigation that has an impact on those proceedings as the parent in this case was NEVER credited with transportation credits; thereby criminalizing their malicious intent against certain litigants.

This is how the Riverside Superior Court treats parents who attempt to address the legal standard that govern their existing heinous orders, with rampant corruption, judicial rape and battery; deliberately and with malevolence prolonging the time period that a child is faced with the same circumstances.


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