Maha Abdel Rahim will not be extradited to California.

The Puerto Rico ACLU just hours ago released a statement specifying that Abdel Rahim will not be extradited to California.

Justice Isabel Llopmert-Zeno, has issued an order dismissing the Puerto Rico’s Department’s petition for an extradition order based on the Governor of California not signing an extradition request.

Maha Abdel Rahim was arrested on the 10th of January 2013 based on an arrest warrant issued by the Riverside Superior Court, with a $ 200,000 bond, and spent 6 days in jail until the ACLU was able to secure her release without bail. 

The arrest warrant was issued by Judge Gary Tranberger of the Riverside Superior Court, based on the alleged failure by Abdel Rahim to hand over her son. The Riverside Superior Court District Attorney’s office only filed a complaint on 1/31/2013 and amended the complaint on 2/11/2013.

The question remains who will compensate Abdel Rahim for her pain and suffering due to false arrest, imprisonment and a clear case of malicious prosecution.

4 comments on “Maha Abdel Rahim will not be extradited to California.

  1. La justicia y el Departamento de la Familia con la complcidad del silencio del gobernador quedaron en ridículo. Movilizaron toda la fuerza policial sin una orden de extradicion. Quien les pagó por ello?

  2. Psychopath family law judge of Indio Dale Wells should be required to recompense her. The court that he is employed by, Riverside County Superior Court, headed by Sherrill Ellsworth, should be sued. Her job should be threatened for refusing to do her job in supervising Dale Wells. Sherrill Ellsworth calls to Mormon women to take over the world while can’t even do her own job effectively. Dale Wells’ job should be threatened for the destruction he’s caused in so many families, so many children, fuled by his hatred for women. He should be videotaped!!! That way, Sherrill Ellsworth would be faced with a decision on how to actually supervise another judge, or to admit her own incompetency.

  3. I feel that a terrible mistake is been happening in this case. I hope that justice will be done and kamal can be with her mother again for ever tks

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