Riverside Superior Court blames the victim in its Domestic Violence Summit.

The Riverside Superior Court held its Domestic Violence Summit on the 4th of December 2012. Notably the public was not invited, nor were domestic violence victims. Participants were put through various domestic violence scenarios including homelessness if they left their abuser.

In that scenario participants who chose or were forced into homelessness lost custody of their children.

In a sweeping statement, that starkly emphasizes blame on the victim, outgoing Presiding Judge Ellsworth opined: “You have to understand that just by saying ‘leave,’ it’s not going to help anything”.

So folks lessons learned, the Riverside Superior Court emphasizes and encourages domestic abuse by automatically taking away your children if you are abused and choose to leave your abuser.



6 comments on “Riverside Superior Court blames the victim in its Domestic Violence Summit.

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  2. I dare someone to tell me that I was supposed to stay with a rapist! I am NOT sorry that I defended myself when it came down to being sexually assaulted. I tried as hard as I could to do my part to “fix” the marriage, which was useless. These people that want others to live in a situation like that, at all costs, to preserve a one-sided marriage (A SHAM) are foolish idiots, with the intelligence of a tree trunk. STOP BLAMING AND FORCING MORE TRAUMA ON THE VICTIMS>>>>THANKS….KNUCKLEHEADS!!!

  3. My 4 children were taken away from me because I was a victim of domestic violence! I pressed charges he was aressted for felony corporal punishment and 4 counts of willful cruelty! I refused to go the hospital so I could stay to care for my kids. I had no broken bones just many major bruises to head face leg and arms. Angel Jaimes cps worker in riverside Indio said and I quote”you allowed it to happen in front of them” when all was said and done I lost everything! My rights were terminated because I no longer had or could afford suitable housing!! If the amount of money dumped into just my case had been put into helping me have a home I would still have them today! United Supreme Court ruled that terminating rights is the civil equivalent of the death penalty! Where’s the due process then? Where’s the civil and human rights activists fighting for my rights that were trampled and thrown out the window? All they say is “we don’t handle family law cases” I promised banning social worker Nicole Sparks that I would always fight and I’d never go away!! I’m ready to keep my promise!!!!

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