Public Opinion and Tales of Corruption of Riverside Superior Court Evaluator, Dr. Robert Suiter, PhD.

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Dr. Suiter, who is currently listed on the Riverside Superior Court website, as one of the 3111 evaluators that the Court expects litigants to choose from, has the distinction of being one of the evaluators who has a long and illustrious history of complaints against him.  The complaints of the public and litigants that have been exposed to his actions include the following:

If you are sentenced to go to Suiter refuse and ask for another to be appointed. Suiter is CORRUPT and will take money for a report! RUN AWAY from this office. DO NOT let Suiter do your evaluation!!

August 09, 2012


“Dr.” Suiter is a corrupt, evil man. He is extremly biased and will twist your words. His main goal is to keep you fighting in…

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5 comments on “Public Opinion and Tales of Corruption of Riverside Superior Court Evaluator, Dr. Robert Suiter, PhD.

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  2. I have the in pleasure of a 730 evaluation done by mr suiter!! He is just another piece of the machine. He supports the P.A.S. theory that says the more you accuse an abuser the more guilty you are of alienation! Do your research on PAS and who came up with it and how he died! Gardner is his name. He was a member of a website for child molesters! And that is who the courts have been following…..

  3. That’s a bunch of Bull Crap and not legal. Suiter is on his way down.. Currently being investigated by State of California Attorney General & State Board of Psych. You better watch out because your life is going to be devastated and everything you believe in is about to be destroyed…. You might want to petition the court for a new 711 evaluator and use all the complaints on watchdog (which are over 100) in your petition…

    • According to the California Medical Board, Dr. Suiter has no cases pending against him.. I spoke to a person, in that office and she confirmed the fact that the Dr. has several cases pending, but that she could not ( on the threat of termination ) confirm the number of cases

  4. Do not trust another evaluator ! They all stick together. YOU WILL NEVER GET A BAD EVALUATION overturned… These people are out for money and will keep asking for a new evaluation about every 6 months. The will not stop. The ignore facts and do not do any truth seeking. The court system needs to stop using these evaluators as they answer to nobody and you can’t fight whatever they put down. If its not the truth well to bad because you will never get it changed no matter how much proof you have.

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